Income Inequality

January 21, 2008

This link is useful for Upper VI as it gives an up-to-date analysis of the growing inequality in the UK. Very useful for module 5 and more current than anything in the textbooks.

Landfill Tax

January 16, 2008

This link$366600.htm is useful for lower VI pupils who are interested in waste management as it provides some further information on the landfill tax to be levied by the UK government in order to promote responsible treatment of waste. Useful for module 2.

More on Tesco supermarkets

December 3, 2007

This link will take you to a fine article outlining the UK supermarket giant’s growth plans in the U.S.

Here is a good article about the fining of 4 of the largest manufacturers of flat glass who have been found guilty of acting as a cartel, fixing price. It was covert collusion. Those naughty firms! You’d think they would know by now that crime doesn’t pay…

Here is a link to a useful article from the Economist on mergers and takeovers in the car industry – something we were talking about in class with respect to the past paper question on Jan 2007 module 4 exam on the car industry.


This is a hot topic for Module 4:Industrial Economics. The report was published at the very end of October 2007 and I think it could well be used by examiners in the near future. Probably January 2008 is too soon – but look out for it in June 2008! That’s a prediction. I can foresee questions on contestability, market dominance and the need for government regulation. We’ve seen it all before and this latest (4th) report from the CC has been controversial as it has mostly let Tesco, Asda et al off the hook. Read through the following articles for a flavour of the report itself (1st link) and reaction to it. Watch out for industry specific issues such as ‘landbanking’and ‘restrictive covenant land sales’. The last link – if it works – is to a video for you to watch.,,2202704,00.html

For Upper VI pupils – here are links to a few articles on trade unions which deserve to be read as they go well with the notes I have already given you. Don’t stop here – this is just a selection!

This is the government’s own site on what union membership means – rights of members, types of industrial action and so on.  And this link is for the TUCs views and info on the same matters.

Here are some downloadable revision notes for grade 10 and 11 pupils preparing for the November exams. Watch out grade 10 – not all these notes are for you!









Business Lunch

October 24, 2007

The Business Lunch is a new club for Economics and Business pupils at St. Lawrence. Its aim is to help and encourage you to get beyond your textbooks and read more articles. This will hopefully help you understand how what you have been learning in lessons can really turn up in the real world.

Every Monday you will find here a link to an article that you can read and then come to the Thursday meeting in E4 ready to discuss it.

Here is the article for the first meeting which will be held on Thursday 1st November at 1.10pm in E4. Enjoy it and I’ll see you there!

Attached here module-1-revision-questions.doc

These are useful questions to look at as we work through the module